The convenient Bride

Chapter 101: I Am This Lady's Dance Partner

Hazel seemed to see through Rorey's thoughts, so she couldn't help but laugh and say, “Manny and I are going to greet them. If you want, you can come with us.”


Rorey's eyes lit up, "Is that okay?"


"Of course, as long as Yunis agrees.”


Hazel smiled and looked at Yunis to seek his opinion.


Hearing this, Yunis couldn't help but frown.


Rorey was almost three months pregnant. Although her belly was not that big yet, he wished that she could abandon the idea of returning to the entertainment industry at this time.


Especially now that the Ji Group was in such a mess, he couldn't spare any time and energy to deal with her affairs.


Seeing that Yunis didn't say anything, Rorey was a little anxious. She quickly pulled his arm and said coquettishly, "Yunis, please. It is a rare opportunity. Maybe I can find some opportunities here. Also, you don't have to worry about me. With Hazel here, I will be fine with the child."


“Alright, I have something to do later. Be careful yourself.”


Yunis couldn't resist Rorey's soft voice. He only pondered for a moment before agreeing.


He turned around and smiled at Hazel, "Hazel, please take care of Rorey. Thank you!”


“Don't mention it. We are friends.”


Although she said that, Hazel's eyes were filled with coldness.


She was very conscious that Rorey was deliberately showing off her intimacy with Yunis just now.


Thinking of this, Hazel was even more disdainful of her.


A little-known actor actually wanted to build a relationship with those big-name actors and directors. This was simply self-humiliating!


“Then you guys go. I'll go over there and greet some friends.”