The convenient Bride

Chapter 97: Ina Dilemma

Rorey angered Sachin by running Rosiley down.


The Ji Group had prepared to work with an international corporation on a project. So, the whole company had been busy for an entire year, putting a lot of effort and money into it. It was only recently that the Ji Group decided on a cooperative relationship with that company. Now, it was only one final step away.


As long as the contract was signed, the Ji Group would attract a lot of capital from its peers. Once it succeeded, the group would reach another peak, and it would also bring billions of dollars in profits.


However, just as the Ji Group was immersed in joy, the corporation suddenly informed them that it did not intend to cooperate with the Ji Group.


This sudden change caught both Yunis and his father, Louie Ji, off guard.


The Ji Group had borrowed a lot of money from bank for this project. Without cooperation, the Ji Group might be short of funds and have not enough cash to meet the needs.


For a moment, Louie and Yunis felt restless.


"Yunis, you were the one who approached Wells Group. Why didn't you sign the contract? Wasn't the manager in Asia satisfied with our company?"


Louie was a big shot who had gone through a lot, but it was difficult for him to remain calm at this matter.


"I'm trying to figure it out. However, it seems that the head of Wells Group is avoiding me on purpose. I haven't been able to reach him yet."


Over the past few days, Yunis had been so busy that he hadn't even slept well and was fretful.


have no intention to cooperate with


not a newbie in business, so he quickly noticed


a while, he shook his head resolutely. "No. Dad, you know how much importance I attach to this project. I conducted myself well during the cooperation discussion


as possible. If those old


Wells responds. The project is very important to the company. One more day means one more day of loss. If we don't work it out within


time, Louie no longer dared


was Clear that even if he really got another investment, he was afraid that the partner would take the opportunity to


would be a huge loss


they were in a dilemma, they had no other choice but


was well aware of the seriousness of the matter, and his expression was solemn. However, he did not know that the crisis


main culprit, Rorey was busy restoring her image over the past two days and treating everyone to

were working so hard for the company. She glared at Rorey who didn't understand the overall situation and said, "Yunis has been so busy these days for the company that he barely got time to eat. As his wife, it's fine if you don't care for him. But you


famous family. But you still go out every day. Since you are pregnant, you should rest at home. Don't keep disgracing the family. I feel ashamed even if


certain extent. She could not bear it any longer and


Quinta who was powerful, she dared not to retort. She could only please her and say, "Mom, it's my fault that I ignored Yunis. I will


be great. The company is in a crisis, and I don't expect your help. However, I won't allow you to let Yunis stand up for you anymore. Compared to the company, your


"Yes, I know."


obediently, but she


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