The convenient Bride

Chapter 95: Honey, I Am with You Now

The pain was blinding her. Her heart was beating violently, and the pain from her body almost plunged her into a coma...


Some passers-by supported her up and asked, "Miss, are you alright? Do you want me to call an ambulance for you?”


They continued, "That woman drove away after you were hit by her car. She must be insane...”


Rosiley suffered from a terrible headache. In a daze, she looked at the direction in which the car was leaving. She even had the intention of tearing Rorey apart!


It never occurred to her that Rorey harbored the idea of killing her mercilessly.


Rorey had not only lost her mind, but become a cold-blooded and vicious person.


Rosiley struggled to stay sober by gritting her teeth. She tried her best to prevent herself from fainting.


She took out her phone from the bag and called Sachin. After the phone was put through, she murmured, “Sachin...”


When Rosiley called him, he was in his office listening to the reports of REG's higher-ups.


The sudden ringing broke the serious atmosphere in the office. Sachin glanced at the caller ID and gestured to the person who was reporting to keep silent. Then he answered the phone.


His expression softened, and he asked Rosiley in a soft voice, “Are you coming back?” The sudden change of his attitude shocked everyone in the conference room.




Her weak voice came from the other end of the phone.


Astonished, he couldn't help but frown. "What's wrong? Your voice is so weak. Did something happen?"


"I... was hit by a car.”


Her voice trembled slightly. Undoubtedly, she had been frightened by the car accident. There was still a hint of fear in her tone.


As soon as she finished her words, Sachin suddenly stood up from his chair and asked, "What's going on? Where are you? Are you alright? Tell me the address and I'll be right there.”


"I've lost a lot of blood. I’m..."


blurry. The splitting headache made it


for me there. I'll


coat and left the


“What happened?”


other in surprise. This was the first time they had seen Sachin


saw her standing in front of him safe and sound. However, she was now covered in blood. A surge of worry and


in a hurry. At this moment, she had already fallen into a coma. Her delicate face was


hospital first. Lane, you should stay here to secure the scene ahead


scene, he was startled and


Rosiley to the hospital. On the way, with Rosiley in his arms, Sachin looked panicked. He had


Open your eyes and


and kept calling her.


embrace and opened her eyes with great difficulty. She couldn't see the man in front




temperature finally made her smile


here,” she

Then she lost consciousness.


was sitting by the


eyes, he stood up, stroked her cheek and asked softly, "Are you OK? Do


that she had been hit by Rorey's car and she should


pain all over her


I seriously injured?” She opened her mouth and asked him,


bruises on your hands and legs,


my head hurts so


bed. The injuries on her hands and


and his movements were very


fine,” she said while shaking


trying to


and said, "You lost so much blood, so you must be hurt badly. When Sachin


the first time he had seen


looked at Sachin apologetically. “Sorry for making


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