The convenient Bride

Chapter 94: A Car Accident

Xenia was so furious that her entire body trembled.


Rorey softly pulled Xenia's sleeves as a consolation. Then, she looked at Seneca with a grim face. "Dad, no matter what, my mother is still her elder. Are you going to let Rosiley insult her like this?"


Frowning, Seneca was also upset by what was happening. He couldn't help but berate angrily, "You two, shut up! I don't care how much trouble you guys make outside. Since you've returned to this house, you must put aside your prejudices. Dont be like enemies every time you meet. That brings shame on me!"


Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but curl her lips.


Rorey and she were already enemies. To be more specific, they were sworn enemies.


Without saying anything else, Rorey and Xenia sat back on the sofa. However, a hint of malice appeared on their faces.


After a while, Rosiley was about to go upstairs. But Seneca suddenly stopped her and said, "Since you are back, I have something to discuss with you."


"What is it?”


Rosiley stopped and asked doubtfully.


"It's about the division of our company's shares.”


Seneca stood up from the sofa and handed over a document that he had prepared beforehand.


"Distribution of our company's shares?"


Rosiley raised her eyebrows and took the document from him. "The shares of the Tang Group are all mine, right? Why should they be distributed?"


Without answering her, Selena just signaled her to look at the document.