The convenient Bride

Chapter 93: My Mum Will Like You as Her Son-In-Law

"Are you crazy, Yunis?"


His words left her dumbfounded. She almost couldn't believe what she had heard.


“I'm not joking! As long as you agree, we can restore our relationship.”


Yunis had a resolute expression.


Rosiley stared at him in disbelief for a long time. Then she said with a sigh, "Yunis, I've never expected you to be such a brazen man. Now I finally see your true colors. You are too scary. It's pathetic to fall in love with a man like you."


After saying this, Rosiley shook her head. Without waiting for his response, she quickly turned around and left.


She should stay away from him as far as possible in the future!


After getting rid of Yunis, Rosiley went to meet Sachin.


He wore a formal black suit today, which made him look exceptionally handsome and outstanding. His slender fingers were on the steering wheel, and his ice-cold temperament made him quite attractive.


Rosiley got on the passenger seat, looked sideways at him and smiled. "Black is your color. You look gorgeous, mysterious and charming."


"You look great too."


Looking at her, Sachin praised her with a smile.


She also wore a black dress today. The unique design outlined her perfect figure and made her look like a dark lotus blooming in the morning. She was glamorous and elegant.


Rosiley smiled. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a bouquet on the back seat of the car. She asked in confusion, "Did you buy these flowers?"


"This is my first time visiting my mother-in-law, so I need to show her politeness and respect.”


Sachin nodded with a serious expression.


Rosiley stared at his profile and asked, “How did you know that my mum likes bluebells and lilies?"