The convenient Bride

Chapter 91: She Has the Power to Decide Her Fate

As Rosiley won support from an increasing number of people, the higher-ups of TEG immediately tried to redeem the company's reputation.


Firstly, they made a statement to apologize for this matter. They promised that if Rosiley was treated unfairly again in the company, they would investigate the whole matter to clear her name.


Secondly, they declared that they would never give up on such an outstanding employee like Rosiley. As for Rorey, they would strictly follow the company's rules and never give her any privileges.


Many netizens ridiculed TEG's remedy. They commented that the top managers of TEG were so stupid to ruin the company's reputation for the sake of Rorey.


Following that, many people demanded TEG to publicly apologize to Rosiley. She had been bullied so much, but the company just wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. It was a bit too perfunctory.


In order to redeem TEG's reputation, the top executives had no choice but to guarantee that this matter would be properly resolved.


Just as everyone was overwhelmed by anxiety, Lina went to Rosiley's office again to converse with her.


Lina looked at Rosiley with fresh eyes now. With her eyes lit up, she said, "You indeed took a drastic measure to deal with the situation’'


“Are you praising me?”


Rosiley blinked and asked with a smile.


Smiling, Lina said, "Yes. Although you've made the company a mess this time, I think you've done a good job. I like smart people, and you're one of them. Rorey can't be compared with you at all.”


"I have to use special methods at special times. Otherwise, I'll be suppressed by others for the rest of my life. I don't want to be that kind of person,’ said Rosiley.


For some reason, Rosiley felt Lina and she was the same kind of person, so she talked with her on equal terms.


Lina didn't have much reaction to her straightforwardness. After looking at her quietly for a while, she nodded and said, "Actually, you are quite similar to me. We are all strong-minded people. However, I think you might be better than me. If I were you, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do such a thing."