The convenient Bride

Chapter 90: I Must Marry You


“Sachin, Rosiley is more charming than you!”


After watching the video, Payton said in surprise. But then he was a little worried. "I don't think TEG will let Rosiley go so easily.”


"I think so.”


Sachin crossed his fingers and leaned against the table thoughtfully.


“At this time, aren't you going to do something, Sachin?"


Seeing that Sachin didn't move at all, Payton couldn't help but ask.


Sachin shook his head and said, “It's not needed for the time being. Rosiley should have next move. We'll see what will happen.”


Sachin was worthy of being the person who understood Rosiley the best. Just as the video started to go viral online, Rosiley had already started to prepare for the next move.


After she left the scene of the press conference, she immediately returned to her office without stopping. She instructed Yayoi, "Yayoi, did you prepare the things I need?"


Yayoi was ready to fight. She said, “I've already prepared it. What should I do next?"


Rosiley said anxiously, “Pots it online anonymously. Hurry up. I think the senior executives of the company will come looking for me very soon.”


Yayoi also knew the seriousness of the matter. She nodded and immediately turned to do what Rosiley had told her.


About three minutes later, a summary of Rosiley's achievements in TEG appeared on the Internet.


Rosiley was inured to hardships and worked hard. She wrote and reported much news for charity, and has gained quite a lot of repercussions.


At the same time, Rosiley also won a number of honors for TEG, including awards on the Domestic Media Power Rankings.


was not only


diseases. In the news, she appealed to charitable people to raise money


and dogs, hoping that everyone would treat these lives well. She also raised a sum of money for an


reports did not attract much attention. Most people's understanding of


it was Rosiley's hype, so


the reports were true. Rosiley did not cram for the


a result, there were more insults and


idiots. Rosiley made such a great contribution to the company, but she was


to help a bad actress. No wonder TEG can never catch up with a first-rate


It is a waste of talent that such


to help Rorey. I don't know a bad actress like she would


urge TEG to


about this matter was exploding, and TEG fell into a crisis because


said in the press conference and they were


so many netizens collectively crushed


company from the beginning to the end. However, in order to help


but the company pushed her too far, so


for a moment. Besides, the public opinion was on Rosiley's side. If TEG fired Rosiley at


its good employees well. Employees are the foundation of the company, and talent


the end of the announcement, REG directly mentioned Rosiley's ID on

Internet was completely


it is to get in REG. No matter if they were stars or other staff members, they had to put in all their effort to


time, REG gave Rosiley an offer officially. It was obvious


sudden, everyone was gloating over


of REG's intervention, the senior executives of TEG began to


were more than that of


were desperately trying to bully

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