The convenient Bride

Chapter 89 We Won't Take the Blame


Yayoi was shock to hear that Rosiley was willing to clear the air publicly. "Rosiley, are you crazy? Why did you agree to clear the air? I really want to cut your head open and see what is in it!”


"Don't be anxious. The good show has just begun. Do you think I can be taken advantage so easily?"


Rosiley glanced at Yayoi, who went crazy, and said calmly.


"What do you mean? Do you have a way to deal with it?"


Yayoi finally calmed down a little, but she was still a little confused.


"Yes, but I may need your help.”


"What can I do?”


"It's just a small favor. Help me...


Rosiley whispered to Yayoi about what to do. Then Rosiley patted Yayoi on the shoulder and said, "You can do this, right?”


"Of course I can. But why are you doing this?”


Yayoi looked at her in confusion.


Rosiley shrugged and narrowed his eyes. She said, "Since the company wants to help Rorey make things difficult for me, then I don't need to be kind. I want the company to realize that it was wrong to push me around.”


“But what if the company fires you?"


Yayoi frowned, worrying.