The convenient Bride

Chapter 81: No Gaffe


Yunis didn't say anything, and Rosiley didn't want to talk with him either. In retrospect, she was more and more convinced that she had been stupid to have fallen in love with such a man.


They stared at each other expressionlessly. Rosiley's gaze was icy while Yunis looked rather gloomy.


After a while, Yunis said slowly, "Rosiley, I told you that sooner or later, you will return to me."


"You wish!"


Rosiley scoffed. The man must have lost his mind to make such a laughable claim.


Not feeling offended, he looked at her quietly and said evenly, "It's too early to tell. I'll try my best to make you compromise! Believe it or not, we'll see."


His eyes went sinister when he came to the last sentence.


Rosiley felt a chill run down her spine. For the first time, she realized the man in front of her was dangerous.


Even so, Rosiley did not want to surrender. She returned coldly, "Yunis, others might be afraid of you, but I am not. I'm curious if Rorey hears what you just said, would she lose her mind and have a big fight against you. After all, even I am a little afraid when she gets mad.”


Yunis's face went white.