The convenient Bride

Chapter 80: Vanity


At two o'clock in the afternoon, Rosiley was making out with Sachin when the doorbell in the room suddenly rang.


Rosiley went to open the door and saw Stacie standing at the door. She asked doubtfully, “What's up?”


“Nothing. l'm just here to inform you that it's almost Rory's shooting time. Prepare yourself and go out with us.”


Stacie said coldly, but her eyes darted towards the room as if to see what the presidential suite looked like.


Rosiley stood in front of her and said emotionlessly, “I see. I tidy up and come right away. You can leave now”


Stacie seemed a little reluctant to leave. But Rosiley had made it very clear, so she could only shut up and leave resentfully.


After Stacie left, Rosiley returned to the room and saw Sachin reading the documents on the sofa. The man took a glance at her, “Are you going out?”


“Yeah, what about you? You work here?”


Sachin had come all the way to accompany her. She felt a little guilty for leaving him here.


“No, the branch office is nearby. I will go there to take a look."


Rosiley blinked her eyes and stared at him doubtfully, “REG has a branch?”


Sachin paused and chuckled, “Not REG. lts a family business.”


Rosiley was lost for words for a while before she suddenly tilted her head and glared at him, “Apar†t from REG, you also manage the family business?”