The convenient Bride

Chapter 74: She Also Had a Temper


There came a noise.


Within five minutes after REG issued the statement, a smashing sound came from a lounge in TEG.


Rorey angrily pointed at her agents nose and said with an ugly look on her face, “Damn it, didn't you say that REG wouldn't come out to deny rumors for such a trivial matter? Look at how the netizens laugh at me now?”


“I didn't expect that REG would take the matter so seriously."


The agent also looked anxious and worried.




Rorey scolded in anger, feeling extremely aggrieved.


Seeing that she was angry, the agent did not dare to retort and could only console her patiently, “Rorey, calm down. Your case is particularly special. Since REG has made a statement, we can just give up. No matter what, we have achieved our goal. Although the netizens are all scolding you, at least you have received a lot of attention. At this time, you should keep your composure. These public opinions are inevitable if you want to achieve the final success. 


“It's better to be like this!”


Rorey shot a glare at her agent, remaining furious.