The convenient Bride

Chapter 73: Bear the Consequences


“How shameless!”


Yayoi was furious and scolded at the side.


Rosiley didn't say anything, but something dangerous emerged from her eyes when she saw how complacent Rorey looked on the stage.


“Miss Tang, l wonder if what Miss Gu just said is true?”


A couple of reporters turned to ask Rosiley.


She took a deep breath and finally calmed down. She replied with a smile, “What happened between Miss Gu and me is over. After all, I have to live my life. We are far from clearing up the past grudges. One couldn't easily forget it once bitten by a dog. She should avoid the dog when she sees one. Who knows if the dog will take another bite if she gets close to it again?”


Rosiley's analogy left the media astonished.


She drew an analogy between Rorey and dog, which was really ... irrefutable!


On the stage, Rorey turned absolutely livid because of Rosiley's reply.


She wanted to use this opportunity to embarrass Rosiley. However, she didn't expect to be recriminated by this woman again. Moreover, she couldn't burst into anger in public.


“Everyone, today is Miss Gu's press conference. She is the hero today. Don't waste your attention on a nobody like me. I don't want to be seen as a woman desperate for publicity who wants to steal Miss Gu's thunder.”


Rosiley smiled contemptuously. Hearing this reply, those reporters flinched and dare not go on with their questions.


embarrassed. Rosiley was truly formidable. She saw through Roreys malicious intentions. Such a response could prevent everyone from making


media couldn't ask any more questions and had to withdraw their gaze with


press conference for Rorey's comeback




comeback, and even TEG was


these public opinions. lt quickly resorted


to wait at the gate of REG, trying to


REG handn’t made any response so


background. A comeback can arouse much more discussion than an A-list star. Yunis must have spent


she watched the news


hyped up, the netizens will all focus on her. Although these public opinions are not positive enough, at least Rorey's goal has been achieved.


the entertainment industry, if she can bring out actually good performances. She won't be able to thrive on those


the talent to make it. With her


she could make a name for herself if she knows how to gain popularity in different ways. For example,


smiled, “But even so, l'm not afraid. i'm curious


tricks and schemes. Who knows what she will do? lf others encounter something like this, they will just stay away from her. Why did you


with amusement and


At this moment, Sachin sent her


she was instantly in high spirits and


So fast?"


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