The convenient Bride

Chapter 72: Bold in the Extreme


After getting up and taking a shower, Rosiley went downstairs for breakfast before going to work.


Just as she stepped into the office area of the media department, Yayoi came over with a cold face and said to her, “Rosiley, come to the press conference hall in an hour and wait for orders. There is some work for you.”


“What happened? You don't look so well.”


Rosiley looked at her in surprise, seeming to be frightened by her look.


Yayoi rolled her eyes and said, “It's that bitch Rorey. Today she will officially sign with TEG. That's what the press conference is for. The higher-ups specifically asked you to go there.”


Rosiley was struck dumb, but quickly regained her senses, “She acted so quickly. So she is going to deal me a head-on blow as soon as she is here?”


“That bitch cant stop making trouble no matter where she goes," Yayoi said with a sorry-looking face, “In this situation, it's impossible for you not to go."


“I'll just go. This is just the beginning. lf I can't handle this now, how can I deal with her later?”