The convenient Bride

Chapter 71: Lucky to Marry You




As soon as Rosiley said that, the corners of the four men's mouths twitched at the same time.


They were all high-born and influential figures in the business world. Their good looks and wealth made them the dreamboats of countless women. But she asked them to make a confession of love to a man publicly. lf anyone knew about it, how could they remain dignified?


“I like this proposal. I'm in”


Just as the four men were dumbfounded, Paige suddenly said as if she were totally unaware of their feelings.


The four men glared at her at the same time.


Paige pretended not to see it and just threw a glance at Rosiley, expressing her approval of the idea.


Rosiley blinked and smiled at the four men, "Well? Do you want to play or not?”


Payton tried to force a smile, “Rosiley, why don we change it to another one? Confessing love to a man would damage our reputation. lf this gets out, no woman will dare to marry us in the future! Besides, if you lose, it wort be good for you to declare your love for a strange man, right? Sachin is here!”


Rosiley simply waved her hang, “It doesn't matter. if I lose, Sachin will do that for me.”




After a moment of silence, Payton and the other three men were no longer calm.


his love to a


die to see


“OK, I agree!”


the first to compromise and directly agreed to Rosiley's


hurried to pour wine and take the dice. They couldn't wait to see Sachin get embarrassed, because they thought they would win


drink, she was very good at rolling the dice. She only


wine consecutively. Her beautiful oval


sleeves and shouted crazily, “Rosiley, I highly doubt that you cheated. Otherwise, it would be so strange that you won


better admit defeat. You can use such an excuse to get away with the punishment. Although I can't drink, lm an expert in this kind of little game.


looked at the


unhappy all these years because of her terrible relationship with her family. Afterwards, Yunis


social status, bụt they could condescend to play this kind of game with her. Presumably they had treated her as one


felt both moved


she hadn't met Sachin back then, she would probably


and whispered in her ear, “What's




said in a voice that only they two could hear, “l just feel very lucky to be able to marry you in

dark eyes as


an impeccable make-up, she smiled brightly and leaned against his


with lightning speed, the line of


However, River, Allen, and the others were completely shocked


that he would be like this while

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