The convenient Bride

Chapter 69: I Want to Hide You from Others




Sachin nodded and glanced through the shop. His eyes immediately fell onto a few sets of clothes and instructed the shop assistant to prepare them.


Rosiley was pushed into the fitting room before she could react.


When she came out, Rosiley looked at herself in the mirror and was very surprised.


Sachins taste was really good. The clothes he chose for Rosiley were in different styles. They were either professional, lady-like, or sexy... each one of them could bring out something different in Rosiley.


Rosiley had to admit that he had better taste than her.


She glanced at Sachin and said meaningfully, “You seem to have a lot of experience in choosing clothes for women.”


Sachin smiled and shrugged, “.Just like you, I've been in touch with the fashion industry for a long time.”


Rosiley smiled, but said seriously. “However, I have a lot of clothes. I only need to buy one or two sets. There's no need to spend so mụch money."


“We are buying all of them” Sachin said calmly even without looking at her.


Rosiley looked surprised. “There are a total of fifteen sets here. Even if I try a different set every day, it would take me half a month. Also, the price is very high. I would need to work for months if I have to pay it myself.”


“This card has an unlimited credit. I can buy the entire shopping mail if I want. Furthermore, if the card is not enough to pay for it, Payton can always sell his cars.”


Rosiley's heart to


buy the


was her


silent for a while, but in the end, she had no choice but to ask the shop assistant


already noon when they left the mall with bags in their hands. So


her side, wherever Rosiley went, she


in the gaze of


returning home in the evening, Sachin




immediately agree. She stared at him and asked, “Who




Sachin said casually.


deeper. Perhaps these friends were very important to


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was touched because she felt



sweetly at him and said, “I will get


smiled and nodded, “I can't wait to


around 7 pm, Rosiley dressed up carefully and prepared to go out with


wearing any makeup, but her lips were naturally red and her skin was naturally smooth.


“How do I look?”


spun around in front of Sachin in her new


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