The convenient Bride

Chapter 68: It Feels Great to Pick Clothes for My Husband




Rosiley was shocked.


Sachin wanted to go shopping with her?


Is she in a dream? How could such a posh person suddenly want to do something that only ordinary people would do?


Rosileys thoughts were written all over her face, making Payton laugh, “Rosiley, come with us. Otherwise, if Sachin and I go shopping together, we will be misunderstood.”


Rosiley curled her lips and glanced at them. “You guys are so handsome. l will be troubled ¡f Ì go shopping with you.”


She didn't want to be surrounded by jealous women. That was simply too terrifying.


Payton looked at her in surprise and then said to Sachin, “Sachin, this is the first time I've heard a woman say that she would be troubled to go out with US.”


“Your Rosiley is not someone who would be easily attracted by people's appearance." Sachin said with a smile.


“That's our Rosiley!”


Payton praised and followed Rosiley into the dining room, persuading, “But Rosiley, are you really not going with us? Think about how cool it is to walk with two handsome men like us on the street. Not everyone has the honor!”