The convenient Bride

Chapter 64: We Still Have Plenty of Time


“As far as I know, she has been in talk with the Orange Entertainment, the Dome Entertainment and the Age Entertainment,”


Yayoi replied honestly and rolled her eyes. “That woman is ambitious. There aren't any small companies. All the companies she has contacted are the most famous ones in the country. l think she overestimates herself. How could those companies get into a deal with her?”


“It's hard to say.”


Hearing Yayoïs disdainful words, Rosiley just shook her head. “Don't forget that Rorey has Yunis backing her up. Although the Ji Group has no business in the entertainment industry, it is very powerful. It has the money and other resources to make Rorey famous. Also, you can't underestimate Rorey. In the past few years, she has made friends with some big shots in the name of Seneca's daughter. lf she wants to make a comeback, she can make it."


Hearing Rosileys analysis, Yayoi frowned. “Then what should we do? Should we just watch her resume her career without doing anything?”


“For now, that's the only thing we can do.” Rosiley blinked, expressionless.


Yayoi looked at her with suspicion. “You are so calm. Do you already have any plans?”


"No. .Just like I said before, I will make plans according to the latest situation. Moreover, it's already late for me to stop the .Ji Group from investing in Rorey's career development. So...”


Rosiley paused for a moment and smiled. “Let her resume her career first. There's no need to deal with her now. Moreover, she is notorious. lt won't be easy for her to win people's love and support in a short period of time. We'd better wait for the best opportunity. After all, we still have plenty of time.”


“That's right! Since you said so, lets stop interfering in her career for the time being.”


After they reached an agreement, they no longer dwelt on this topic. Yayo¡ patted Rosiley's shoulder with joy and said, “Rosiley, I am so happy that you have lifted up your spirits. Í was worried that you would have a breakdown because of Yunis.”


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