The convenient Bride

Chapter 63: I Will Always Support You


Rosiley stayed in the hospital all morning, and Sachin kept staying by her side.


At noon, Yayoi came to see her and said with a serious expression, “There's good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear?”


“Can you treat me well? I am a patient now. Why did you bring up bad news the moment you saw me?”


Rosiley was a little dissatisfied and glared at her, but she still said, “Let's start with the good news.”


“You ve been promoted to our group leader.


“Oh? What about the bad news?”


“You are still in charge of Lonny," Yayoi said with a gloomy expression.


For a moment, Rosiley was overcome with astonishment, for what Yayoi said was amusing. “It's not bad news at all. Isn't that normal?”


Yayoi shook her head with a somewhat angry expression. “l overheard Lonny talking to Rorey in the pantry today. l† was Lonny's idea that you were drugged last night.”




Rosileys expression changed when she heard this. “Did you hear wrong?”


a big contribution to the company this time, they became jealous. That's why Rorey drugged you last


Yayoi finished speaking, Rosiley's face darkened as


Sachin showed a


quietly, as if he was waiting for her


her mind. She gave Sachin a reassuring look. Then she turned to Yayoi and said, “I'm


Compared to Lonny, you are more suitable for that position! Rosiley, you are


It's still a bit early to let her go


eyes and


hand carelessly. “What are you afraid of? Even if you can't drive her away now, you can


“I agree.'


at Sachin. The latter stared at her and said, “Honey, just do whatever you want.




Rosiley smiled and nodded.

at the side and was envious of their


man required good taste. This time, Rosiley really made a


never heard Yunis


After saying


afternoon, Rosiley also went through the


to work and saw


their eyes met, Lonny pretended to be calm,


in the Tang s villa the night before yesterday. However, even though she was the one who came up with the idea of drugging Rosiley, Rorey was the only one knowing the truth. She


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