The convenient Bride

Chapter 62: I Can't Put up with This


Rosiley's face darkened when she heard the conversation between them. She had no sympathy for Rorey's fate at all.


That woman was too ruthless. lf Sachin hadn’t arrived in time last night, she would have been humiliated by Liam.


In that case, she would lose her virginity as well as dignity.


At the thought that she might have fallen into such a helpless situation, Rosiley still felt scared and angry. She could not help

clench her fists and put on a cold look.


She must let Rorey pay for what she had done!


Just as Rosiley was feeling fortunate that she hadn't been raped by Liam, Rorey hid in her house in agony and did not dare to

go out to meet anyone.


Paytons fierce slap made her cheek swell up and her mouth bleed. Even if she applied ice all night to reduce the swelling, her cheek still looked red and swollen.


Hatred and grievance engulfed her, but when she thought of Paytons fierce gaze, she was still a little afraid.