The convenient Bride

Chapter 56: Humiliation


The night after the project ended, Rosiley received a phone call from Seneca.


After a brief conversation with her father, she hung up.


Sachin hugged Rosiley from behind and put his chin on her shoulder. “What does your father want?” he asked softly.


Rosiley turned her face to him and leaned against his chest, smiling, “Nothing much. Tomorrow is my fathers 50th birthday. He wants me to go back.”


“Do you want to go back?”


Sachin gently kissed her lips and asked.


“Not really, but I have to go back. After all, he's my father. lf my mother was still alive, she definitely wouldrt want me to fight against him like this.”


Rosiley sighed helplessly.


It had been almost a month since she moved out, and neither of them had contacted each other. Now that Seneca took the initiative to call her, how could she not go back?


Sachin turned her around and took her in his arms, “Don't worry. Tomorrow, I will ask Payton to prepare a birthday gift for you to bring back.”


“Thank you."


Rosiley rubbed his chest with her face, smiling, but her eyes were filled with worry.