The convenient Bride

Chapter 54: I Changed My Opinion about You


Yayoi said, “Oh, it is because of Yunis. One day, I was looking for news stories. I saw her having dinner with Yunis. I have their photos.”


Yayoi smiled as she handed her camera over.


Rosiley took a look and saw the scene of the two eating in the “Sea of Milky Way” Restaurant.


“I think Rorey would go crazy if she knew about this, what do you think?”


Yayoi laughed out loud and gloated, thinking of Rorey's hideous and twisted face.


She disliked Rorey the most in the world. She would definitely be very happy if she could see Rorey being defeated.


Rosiley was not as excited as Yayoi. She thought for a moment and then shook her head, “Hazel is not a good person, nor is Yunis. lf they continue to meet secretly, Yunis will have an affair with her. Rorey won put up with this.”


“That would be better. We'll be happy to watch them fight.”


Yayoi, optimistic and not really concerned, fiddled with the camera.


Rosiley glanced at her and said, “You think too mụch. What I should be concerned about now ¡is how Rorey will deal with me. Anyway, I can't go out for news stories these days. Please keep an eye on Rorey for me. lÍ you are free, you can take some photos that can show her in a bad light. didn't she want to be famous and humiliate me? Then I'll make her taste the feeling of defeat.”