The convenient Bride

Chapter 50: Unfinished Business


When the couple walked out together, they saw Payton leaning against the wall with a weird smile on his face.


Sachin was as composed as ever.


Rosiley, however, became uncomfortable from his stare. She flushed as she glared back at him. “What? Is it the first time you've seen a beautiful lady?”


Payton continued smiling without saying anything.


Rosiley became even more awkward. She rolled her eyes at him angrily and ran downstairs.


Sachin watched her leave before he ran his eyes at Payton and asked, “What's the matter?”


“Invite you to dinner of course. I have already booked a table in the restaurant. And i'm gonna report to you about Rosiley."”


“Okay, I drive.”




At seven oclock in the evening, they arrived at a fancy Chinese restaurant downtown. They chose a small private room, placed the order and chatted while eating.


Payton threw a significan't look at Sachin. “Someone has been investigating on me these days.”