The convenient Bride

Chapter 49: I Can't Wait to Kiss You


"Yeah, something is definitely wrong with our family.”


Payton grinned again with his playful look.


Rosiley rolled her eyes at him. “I've never seen anyone mocking himself like this. By the way, I heard you are the third son of your family. Is that true?”


“Yep, Sachin and I share one mother while the second and the fourth son share another.”


Payton suddenly added mockingly with an unfathomable coldness in his eyes.


Rosiley was dumbfounded.


She just brought that up unintentionally.


She never expected such a shocking fact about the Lu family.


lt was indeed a very complicated family. No wonder Sachin never talked about it.


“I'm sorry!" Rosiley apologized.


Payton shrugged and smiled. “It doest matter. You're one of us now. But stil, it's tòo complicated. The less you know, the better.”




Rosiley nodded without more questions.