The convenient Bride

Chapter 47: Weird, But I Like It


Rosiley had learned that the TEG wanted to work with the REG on a film. Why it didn't work out was because the latter didn't think it was worth investing in.


Rosiley took a look at the script. There were a few highlights, but it was overall plain and conservative. The cast were almost all A-list actors and actresses. Even the scriptwriter was a big shot. The cost of making this film was enormous.


It felt stylish on the outside, but insubstantial on the inside. lt was pointless to invest in.


Rosiley frowned involuntarily after reading it.


She was only a reporter who knew nothing about film production. lt was quite a big challenge for her.


Yayoi couldn't help asking, “Why not turn to your Mr. Lu? One word from you is enough to solve any problem.”


Rosiley shook her head. “He's very busy. I don't want to trouble him with everything. Plus, I can handle it myself.”


“Rosiley, you really are a weirdo in the showbiz. You have a backup, yet you'd rather be on your own. Weird, but I like it.” Yayoi muttered in disbelief.


While Rosiley was busy, Rorey was gloating.


“Lonny, good job! That bitch should be taught a hard lesson. I can't make any move now, so you must help me put her down.”

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