The convenient Bride

Chapter 43: Spend One Night with Me


“Okay, I'II drink.”


Rosiley took a deep breath and stood up from her seat. She picked up the glass on the table and drank three in a row.


After drinking, Rosiley frowned and sat back beside Yayoi, telling her, “Watch me later.”


Yayoi nodded. “Don't worry.”


Suddenly, a female star said, “Hey, isn't this the reporter who had an affair with the young leader of the .Ji Group?”


“That's right. It's her!”


“Miss Tang, I heard that many companies have asked you if you want to make a debut recently. Director Angus and some other investors are here tonight. You have to seize the opportunity.ˆ


“That's right. You have been a hot topic. This is what the most popular stars can achieve.”


Many people followed them, and there were even some malicious voices.


Angus smiled and said, “Miss Tang looks great and grateful. lf you have a good team, you will definitely become popular. l

don know if you want to join us. lÝ you do, we can have a private chat.”