The convenient Bride

Chapter 41: I Want to Take a Bath with You


“Hey, Rosiley, Sachin is good at cooking. You ll never regret the food he cooks, I promise.”


Payton smelled the delicious food which made his mouth water.


Sachin had already turned on the stove and stirred garlic. Rosiley couldn't help but swallow a lungful of the aroma of garlic.


“Who taught him to cook?” she asked curiously.


“Self-taught. He took good care of himself when he was studying abroad. However, he seldom cooks for others. Ì have only eaten his food once, even if I am his younger brother. I can have it again all because of you.”


“Well, is your lucky day."


Rosiley pouted and rolled her eyes at Payton. Then, she stopped talking and fixed her eyes on Sachin.


Sachin was so skillful that the food was perfectly arranged.


About half an hour later, five dishes and a soup were served on the table. They were beautiful and delicious and gave people an appetite.


“Wow! You're amazing!"


Rosiley was surprised and exclaimed. She felt that Sachin's cooking was not inferior to hers.


”Is that so? Can I eat now?”


Payton sat on the other side, holding chopsticks in one hand and a bowl in the other. He stared at the dishes and couldrt wait to have a taste.