The convenient Bride

Chapter 40: Run to Him


"Yunis, finally you're here."


When Hazel saw Yunis, she smiled and greeted with her eyes lit up with uncontrollable infatuation.


After so many years, her affection for this man continued unabated.


"Sorry, I was delayed by some business.' Yunis smiled gently.


"It doesn't matter. There's still some time before l go to the next activity.'


Hazel led Yunis to the sofa and offered him some water. She asked, "May I know why you are looking for me?"


"I need you to help me with something." Yunis nodded and said frankly, "Rorey wants to return to the showbiz. But you know her current situation, so I would like to ask you for a favor."


When she heard this, her body stiffened visibly. She frowned and asked, "Isn't your wife already pregnant? Why doesn't she rest at home?”


"Well, you know the grudge between her and Rosiley. Rorey can't stand it and swears to return. Now that she's pregnant with my baby, l can refuse her.'


Yunis looked rather helpless, and there was even faint boredom in his eyes.


Hazel frowned, finding herself in a difficult situation.


She loved Yunis and would like to help him very much, but now he wanted her to help his wife...


try and find what I can do to help her. However, Yunis, with all due respect, Rorey is almost ruined now. i'm afraid it won't be easy for her to come back. Although I can help put in a good word since you asked, I can't guarantee




you're so biased. I have liked you for so many years, but you've


always very understanding, and I


eyebrows and cooed, "How will you make it up to


"What do you want?"


lit up. She said, "“Yunis, can you have dinner with me when you're free? I don't have real friends in this showbiz. I am usually


'Sea of




Payton’s car, Rosiley did not go home directly. Instead, she asked him to take her to the

hospital, Yayoi's fever was gone. When she saw Rosiley,


say to Hazel." Rosiley pouted




inevitable. However, she didn't take advantage of me. After all, ve got something on her. lf she pisses me off, she will be in trouble sooner


shrugged and didn't want to talk


"That's true. You spared her considering she was your classmate. Otherwise, she would have been finished long


How long do you


a fever again, I will be discharged


out the draft for you tonight, and


you're leaving. I'm bored in the hospital


gave her a charming smile, "I have to leave.


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