The convenient Bride

Chapter 34: Counterattack


As they returned to the office, Payton finally accepted the fact that Sachin was married and began to pester Rosiley, "Sister-in-law, may l take you to lunch?"


He called her in a different way, but still talked about the lunch.


"Why?" Rosiley laughed.


"You're my brother's savior. My family thought he would be single for a lifetime. lt was you who saved him from the misery of

bachelorhood. So, l must treat you to a meal!''


Payton was even more enthusiastic than he was while chatting up with Rosiley.


Rosiley glanced at Sachin. This was the first time she had met Sachin's family. Although they were biological brothers, their

personalities were completely different. One was calm and reserved, while the other was flamboyant and unruly. lt was extremely interesting.


Rosiley smiled brightly, 'If Sachin agrees, I have no objections.'


Sachin said calmly, "You can order any food you like. It doesn't matter how expensive it is. This opportunity is quite rare.'


Payton nodded excitedly and agreed, “That's right! You can order anything you want!"


Rosiley blinked, "Then let's go to the Harmony Restaurant. Your brother likes the Chinese food here.'


Sachin glanced at Rosiley in surprise and smiled slightly.