The convenient Bride

Chapter 24: Wild kisses


They enjoyed great fun during the dinner. Rosiley drank some wine and was a little bit drunk. But she was happy and kind of

liked this feeling.


Once arriving home, Rosiley decided to take a shower first. Her cheeks were flushed, and her steps were not steady when she walked into the bathroom.


After a while, she finished and walked out. Sachin was sitting on the sofa and working on his computer.


He looked up at her and saw that her long hair was wet and dripping on her shoulder. He frowned, “Come and sit here."


"OK," Rosiley hesitated and sat down beside him.


Sachin didn't say anything. He got up and fetched a hair dryer to help her dry her hair.


Rosiley was flattered, 'I can do it myself."


'Don't move.'


His voice was deep, his slender fingers stroking her long hair, and his expression was very serious.