The convenient Bride

Chapter 17: The Dramatic Reversal


"IÍrame you?" Zev sneered with scorn, 'Miss Gu, should I provide the evidence?"


"Yout" Rorey panicked and was less aggressive, obviously with a guilty conscience.


People noticed the change on her look and looked at her differently.


Rorey explained right away, "No... didn't! Yunis, you know my feeling for you! This person is a liar. Where is the

security guard? Please get him out!"


"It seems you will refuse to confess to the end" Zev said contemptuously and took out some photos from his pocket.


In the pictures, Zev and Rorey were kissing and hugging. They were apparently a couple in love. The guests burst into an uproar.


"Mr. Zhao didn't lie. The pictures are real.'


'So we wronged Miss Rosiley?ˆ


'Ifs awful. They managed to bully a young woman. They almost got us.'


if Rorey tried to deny it, no one would believe


happened too fast and she found it hard to accept. How did it come


of attention but the next second, she was publicly


was all ruined by him. Why did Rosiley always


anxious, "No. It's


Zev expected everything, and added, "If anyone

Tang's father


were simultaneously looking at Seneca


Tang was livid and was about to blow up, “Rorey, that's enough. You should be satisfied. Don't push so hard. Give


shocked and


just indirectly acknowledged she robbed Rosiley

for a

out. She would


is allowed to take Rosiley's things. Give her


stared at Xenia and Rorey sharply.


implied that in their house, she could


his own daughter, they would not be as close as


biological daughter. Most things in the house belonged to her, including the property. Rorey was jealous of her and wished she could snatch

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