The convenient Bride

Chapter 16: Shocking News


"President, should we do something?"


Sweating heavily, Lane looked at Rosiley in the crowd, and a chill climbed up his spine.


Sachin stood nearby, with a terrifying and gloomy expression. lt seemed that his eyes could freeze the world into the ice age.


"Call that man in and contact all news agencies. I Don't want to see any bad news about my wife tomorrow."


"Yes, I get it! Lane received the order and went away in a hurry.


Sachin stood motionless on the spot without any emotion. Right now he seemed so angry and horrifying that no one dared to get close to him. But when he turned his gaze to the beautiful figure in the center, the tender love in his bright eyes could be easily caught.


Nobody could bully his little wife!


The banquet hall was still noisy. And Rosiley was continually vilified with all kinds of scorn and ridicule.