The convenient Bride

Chapter 15: High and Dry


In a black dress, Rorey looked so beautiful as she always did, yet the most stunning was her necklace.


With a unique design and world-class craftsmanship, the sapphire on her necklace was priceless for sure. lt was also rimmed with a myriad of small dazzling diamonds.


No one could be more familiar with that very necklace than Rosiley. Left by her mother, it ought to be hers and exclusively prepared as her marriage gift.


In no way did she expect to see her mothers necklace on Roreys neck. She was pissed off, with her sanity burned out by the fire of great anger.


With a furious look, she thrust her way out through the crowd, lunging at Rorey and glaring at her necklace. 'How dare you touch the necklace? lItt was my mother s. Now give it to me!" She said in a deep angry voice, as cold as ice.


"Ha! Your mother was dead. Now that my mother is Mrs. Tang, the necklace should belong to her, and as you can see, it's my marriage gift now." Rorey sneered, proclaiming her so-called ownership.


"I told you it was my marriage giÍt from my mother. Give it to me! Nowl” Rosiley said with rage.


"What if I Don't? Do you want to snatch it with people all around!" Rorey said, with her head held high as if there was nothing to fear.


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