The convenient Bride

Chapter 14: You Two Bitches Should Stay Forever


At this moment, a man was standing not far away from Rosiley, with his gaze fixed on her from the beginning.


He was a very attractive man and looked handsome and remarkable in a white shirt and black tux which revealed his tall and masculine figure.


The dazzling lights sprinkled on his face, making his facial features look more exquisite. His pair of dark eyes were as deep like the sea. Just by standing there, he had got a lot of attention and yet remained unapproachable to others.


Many upper-class young talents gathered at the banquet tonight, but his presence instantly turned everyone into a foil. He truly eclipsed everyone else.


"President, Madam is over there, do you want to go there?" Lane respectfully asked the man next to him.


"No, just stay here for now and see what will happen next."


Although Sachin was so outstanding, he remained very low-key. He deliberately chose a corner to avoid attracting the attention of others.


"Yes. Lane nodded and kept silent.


Right now, Rorey and Yunis were already on stage and began to a give thankful speech, “Thank you to all the distinguished guests and the media for coming to our engagement banquet...'


In the audience, the spotlight flickered and reporters held their cameras and pressed the shutter frantically.