The convenient Bride

Chapter 390: Falling from the Rooftop

Xenia didn't care about it at all now.


All she wanted was to make Rosiley suffer and never let her off.


She ignored her daughter's screams and grabbed Rosiley’'s arm, pulling her out of the ward.


Seeing this, Rorey's face instantly turned pale. She followed them with large strides and reached out to grab her. However, Xenia shouted, "Don't follow me! Get away!"


Rorey's hand froze in midair and watched helplessly as her mother pulled Rosiley into the elevator.


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She ran forward, but the elevator door closed in front of her and went up.


Unlike Rorey, Rosiley, who was being threatened by a knife against her neck, looked much calmer. When she saw Xenia press the button of the top floor, she frowned slightly. Then, she looked down at Xenia's hand which was holding the knife. In fact, she could get rid of Xenia as long as she turned her elbow back, but she was afraid that it would completely annoy Xenia and she might directly stab her.


For her own safety, Rosiley didn't dare to act rashly. She could only kindly persuade, "Xenia, what you're doing now will only make Rorey worried. We can negotiate, right? Why do you have to do this?"


"Negotiate?" Xenia sneered and said, “I know you always want me die. Now you're telling me that you want to negotiate with me. It's already too late!"


The elevator reached the top floor.


The elevator door opened and the stairs to the rooftop came into their view.


Xenia walked out of the elevator and pushed her up the stairs step by step.


The door to the rooftop was not locked. Xenia reached out and opened the door. In an instant, a cold wind blew towards them.