The convenient Bride

Chapter 385: Are You Jealous of Me

“You...” Vito raised his hand to slap her. Suddenly, his hand stopped.


Because she glared at him, and her eyes were filled with hatred. His hands couldn't help but tremble. In an instant, he calmed down.


Thinking of what he said to her and that he almost hit her, he scratched his hair in frustration, took a deep breath, and looked at her with a guilty expression.


"Candance, I'm sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn't have treated you like that’


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He admitted his mistake, but Candance didn't feel better. She sneered, "Don't you look down on me? Why are you still apologizing to me?"


Her tone was full of ridicule.


Vito's face turned ashen. He was very embarrassed. He reached out to grab her hand, but she dodged it. His hand could only stiffen in midair.


"Candance, don't be angry, okay?" He pleaded.


Candance smiled and said, "I'm not angry. How dare I be angry with you? If I get angry, you will hit me."


Her harsh words upset Vito. He pursed his lips and said helplessly, "You poured water on me. How could you not be angry?"


Candance turned around and bit her lips without saying a word.


Vito stepped forward and whispered, "Candance, don't be angry. Otherwise, it’s be good for the baby”


“Do you still remember the baby? I thought you forgot!” Candance rolled her eyes at him angrily.


Vito immediately smiled, "No, I didn't forget. How could I forget? My honey”


Hearing his gentle voice, Candance's heart softened. However, she didn't want to forgive him too quickly, So, she pouted discontentedly, "I'm not your honey. You look down on me, look down on my family, and want to return to that bitch:


"I didn't look down on you. I was too angry, so I said what I didn't mean. Furthermore, I didn't want to be with Yayoi again. I was just working hard for the future of us and our baby"