The convenient Bride

Chapter 384: You Drive Me Mad

Yayoi helped her father to sit on the sofa in the living room, and then went to the kitchen with her mother to get some water.


Mr. Song and Maddox were left in the living room.


Mr. Song turned to look at Maddox and heavily sighed, "Maddox, I'm really sorry. What happened just now was terrible”


Maddox smiled and shook his head, "It's fine, Mr. Song-’


Mr. Song let out a big heavy sigh again and said indignantly, "Vito is such an ingrate. We were so nice to him, but he actually dated the daughter of the Young


Group's boss for his own future. He even framed us. We were really wrong about him. However, Yayoi was the one who suffered the most?


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After they were taken away by the police, it could be imagined how much Yayoi suffered all of a sudden. They wanted to be 

there for her and comfort her, but the could do nothing in jail but worry about her.


Fortunately, there was someone by her side at that time.


Thinking of this, Mr. Song said to Maddox with great gratitude, “Maddox, thank you for being there for Yayoi through the darkest days:


Maddox smiled. "Mr. Song, don’t mention it. Yayoi and I will get married. We will be family, so don't regard me as an outsider:


After experiencing what happened just now, Mr. Song finally revealed a smile. He patted his thigh and smiled, "You're right. We're family, so make yourself at home"


Maddox smiled and didn't say anything else.


After Vito made such a fuss, Mrs. Song was not in the mood to prepare any dinner, so the family went out to eat.


Maddox took them to an upscale Chinese restaurant.