The convenient Bride

Chapter 383: It Was Disgusting

Yayoi felt better, so she asked Maddox to send her home. She was embarrassed to continue living in Rosiley's house.


Maddox agreed and sent her back home. When Yayoi opened the door with the key, she turned to look at him and asked with a smile, "My parents are at home.


Why don't you stay for dinner?"


She knew that he would stay at the Shen's in the next few days, so he didn't have much time for her. She wanted to be a 

considerate girlfriend, but today was a special day.


She had just been sick, and didn't feel very well. It made sense if she wanted to spend a few more hours with him.


Maddox knew that he had neglected her recently, so he nodded and agreed to stay for dinner.


A brilliant smile blossomed on Yayoi's slightly pale face. She opened the door and walked in first.


Unexpectedly, the moment she walked in, she heard her father's furious voice.


"Get out of here. You are ungrateful. We don't want to see you"


Yayoi paused and turned to look at Maddox, who was also surprised. Then, she did not change her shoes and directly ran to the living room.


She saw someone who shouldn't be here.




When the people in the living room heard footsteps, they all turned their heads and looked over.


"Yayoi, you're back.” Upon seeing Yayoi, Mrs. Song immediately stood up and quickly walked to her. She grabbed her hand and whispered, “You and Maddox go out first. Your father and I can handle this.’