The convenient Bride

Chapter 376: It Was Because of You

"Wendy, what are you doing? You're putting me in an awkward position”


After Maddox left, Old Master Shen looked at Wendy with some complaints.


"Grandpa; Wendy said softly with a smile, “I have a reason for doing this:


"What reason?” Old Master Shen frowned.


“I'm making concessions in order to gain advantages. So Maddox will not guard against me’


Old Master Shen was surprised, and then he smiled, “So that's the case."


He thought that Wendy was really going to dissolve the engagement, but fortunately, it was just a false alarm.


Old Master Shen instantly felt much more at ease. He smiled, "Wendy, you really are a smart girl:


Wendy smiled, “I'm not smart. I came up with this way helplessly”


"No matter what, I will support you unconditionally”


“Thank you, Grandpa”


Wendy smiled. Then, she turned to look at the door. The smile on her face slowly faded away, and her eyes became serious.


Just as Maddox drove away from the Shen's villa, he received a call from Rosiley.


"Rosiley.’ He picked up the phone.


"Maddox, what are you doing?"


Rosiley asked.


Maddox looked at the road in front of the car and replied, "I just came out of my house’


Rosiley was silent for a while, and then she said, "Maddox, Yayoi is sick:


"Sick?" Maddox cried out in alarm and asked anxiously, "Why is she sick?"


“She is having a high fever. She might have caught a cold’