The convenient Bride

Chapter 374: It's Not Fair to Her

The next day, Rosiley woke up from a headache. She struggled to sit up and raised her hand to rub her head. Then, she noticed a glass of water on the bedside table.


She saw a piece of paper under the glass. She took it and saw Sachin's note.


"Drink the hydromel. It helps you recover from the hangover.”


She raised her eyebrows and held the honey water in her hand with a sweet and happy smile.


Sachin was always so considerate. How could she live without him?


After drinking the hydromel, she lifted the blanket and got out of bed.

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Last night, she was not that drunk, so she still remembered that after they left Imperial Plaza, Juliet was taken home by Payton and Sachin took her and Yayoi home.


After washing face and brushing teeth, Rosiley put on casual clothes and knocked the door the guest room. "Yayoi, are you awake?”


There was no response.


Was she still sleeping? Rosiley frowned, then opened the door and walked in. The room was dark. She walked to the bedside and saw Yayoi knitting her eyebrows tightly. Yayoi's forehead was covered in sweats, and she kept murmuring.


Rosiley hurried to touch her forehead. Then, her pupils suddenly shrank. It felt so hot.


"Yayoi, Yayoi ...” She cried, but Yayoi seemed to have a high fever and talked deliriously with her eyes tightly closed. She didn't hear Yayoi's voice at all.


So, Rosiley turned around and ran out of the room anxiously. She went downstairs to find Sasha who was busy in the kitchen. 


She grabbed Sasha's arm and asked anxiously, "Sasha, do you know the contact number of our family doctor?"