The convenient Bride

Chapter 373: Pretending Illness

After dinner, they said goodbye to each other. Rosiley sent Raye home, and then drove to Imperial Plaza.


Juliet and Yayoi were waiting for her there.


"Sorry, I'm late.” Rosiley opened the door of the private room and walked in, crying loudly.


Juliet immediately stood up, hugged Rosiley's shoulder and said, "Rosiley, how dare you stand us up! You shall make amends for your being late by drinking three glasses of wine.”


She handed the glass in her hand to Rosiley.


Rosiley looked at the wine glass and raised her eyebrows in surprise. It was almost full of wine.


“Come on! Don't overdo it please!” Rosiley smiled and looked at Juliet, then at Yayoi.


*Rosiley, I'll drink with you.” Yayoi waved the wine glass in her hand at Rosiley, then raised her head and drink it all.


Rosiley frowned slightly and turned around to ask Juliet softly, "What happened to Yayoi?"


Yayoi rarely drank alcohol unless she was in a bad mood. That was why Rosiley asked so.


Juliet curled her lips and said, "You know, Maddox's fiancée stuff"


“Did she bother Yayoi again?" When Rosiley was in the Capital, she heard from Juliet that, Maddox's fiancée gave Yayoi a million yuan, trying to persuade her to leave Maddox, but was rejected by Juliet.


That happened only a few days ago. Rosiley thought his fiancée wouldn't trouble Yayoi again in the short term.


"No." Juliet shook her head, "Maddox has returned to home for days and has not accompanied Yayoi, so Yayoi is worried that Maddox would compromise with his grandfather.”


Was that so?