The convenient Bride

Chapter 372: Dream Girl

Rosiley did not continue to talk with Rorey because Ann arrived.


Rosiley had watched the interviews with Ann. She had also seen Ann's work. Ann was indeed a very talented director.


More importantly, she was a female only in her early thirties.


Since she had informed Ann before coming, Rosiley directly walked over and stretched out her hand, saying with a smile, 


"Hello, I'm Rosiley from TEG””


Ann was surprised at first, but she quickly pulled herself together. She held Rosiley’s hand and smiled back, "Hello, I'm Ann”


After they greeted each other, since Ann still got work to do, Rosiley and Raye sat aside and quietly watched Ann guide others as director.


"She is cool!” Raye said.


Before coming to interview Ann, Raye had made preparations. He had seen her photos. She used to have long hair. Although 

she was not very beautiful, her temperament was remarkable, which fixed people's eyes on her.


However, to his surprise, she was different from before.


Her short hair revealed her fine features. She was dressed in a neutral suit and looked very cool. If Raye hadn't seen her with 

his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that there would be such a cool woman.


Rosiley looked at him and smiled mockingly, "What? Is she your dream girl now?"


"No, my dream girl has always been Alfred.” Although Ann was cool, Raye still liked beautiful and gentle girls.


Rosiley raised her eyebrows and turned her gaze back to Ann.


Raye was right. Ann was very cool and strong. Compared with Ann, Rorey was like a small potato rather than a star.


"Where's the other actress?" Ann looked around, her brows slightly furrowed.