The convenient Bride

Chapter 371: I'm Not a Homewrecker.

The grudge between Rorey and Hazel originated from Yunis, but LEG, the company they both worked for, let them finish an advertisement together.


Manuel Song, President of LEG, did so for a simple reason. He wanted them to let go of their resentment and get along well with each other, but he had underestimated the jealousy between women.


"If she is in this ad, I won't be there.”


When Hazel saw Rorey on set, her face darkened. Hazel immediately told her agent so.


"Hazel, because of the scandal, you are not as popular as before. You've got much fewer endorsements and invitations shows. Almost zero! It's a rare opportunity for you that this company allows you to endorse its product. If you don't seize the chance, no one will give you another.”


She understood what her agent meant, but when she thought of filming an advertisement with Rorey, she felt very uncomfortable.


It was Rorey who got her into trouble.


Hazel couldn't forgive her at all. How could she be in the same advertisement with Rorey?


"I won't do it. I mean it. I will bear the consequences,’ Hazel said firmly. She ignored her agent's sullen face and turned around.


Just then, a sharp voice sounded, “Oh, Hazel, are you leaving now? Are you giving up this commercial?"


It was Rorey.


Hazel paused and turned around. Her cold gaze landed on Rorey, who looked complacent. Hazel sneered mockingly, "Yeah, I'll give it up. I won't work with a bitch. It makes me cheap too.’


Hearing this, Rorey's expression changed. She shouted at Hazel in a shrill voice, “Hazel, who are you calling a bitch?"


Hazel smiled coldly. "The person who replied.’


Rorey was so angry that her eyes were wide open. Then, she sneered, "You're just a mistress. You don't have the right to call me bitch.”


Hazel said coldly with a poke face, "I am not mistress! Rorey, you know the truth better than me.’