The convenient Bride

Chapter 367: You Ripped the Check?

"So, you ripped the check?” Payton placed the cup on the coffee table and looked at Juliet, who was sitting opposite him in surprise. Juliet nodded, "Of course.”


Payton rubbed his nose and said, “I'm just sorry for the million.”


Felt sorry?


Juliet raised her eyebrows and said, "Payton, why are you so sorry about that million yuan?”


"Since they've delivered the money to us, let's accept it. Anyway, it won't hurt.” Payton felt that taking the money was a 

different matter from leaving Maddox. How could they refuse the free money?


“Payton Lu!” Juliet grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at him. She said angrily, “Yayoi has her pride!”


Payton easily caught the pillow and said with a smile, “Well, I was just joking. Calm down.”


Juliet took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. "Payton, if one day my father also took a million yuan to let you leave me, 

you won't compromise, right?"


"I have my pride too.” Payton sat up straight and looked at her seriously.


Juliet rolled her eyes angrily and said, "You'd better be."


Payton curled his lips and did not continue the topic. Instead, he said, “I don't think that Wendy will give up so easily. In the 

coming days, Maddox and Yayoi may not live in peace.”


Juliet bit her lips and thought for a moment before asking, “Can't your brother help out? Didn't you say that Old Man Shen would listen to Sachin?"


"Yes, my grandfather will listen to my brother. However..." Payton paused for a moment. “Only this matter, he might not listen to Sachin."