The convenient Bride

Chapter 362: I'm Tempted

The confrontation between them intensified the tense atmosphere.


In the end, Sachin pulled Rosiley away from the Lu family without hesitation, leaving Benson his firm attitude.


Although Benson had expected this to happen, he was still so angry at Sachin's arrogant attitude that his face darkened.


"Griselda, look at his attitude. He is so arrogant and ignorant that he completely disregards me as his father. How can I rest assured if I leave everything in the Lu family to him?"


When Griselda heard that he wanted to leave everything to Sachin, a trace of malice flashed through her eyes, but she covered it up. She reached out and patted Benson's chest, and she comforted him, "You can't force him. The more you force him, the more he will resist. We should persuade him."

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"How?" Benson's tone was still very aggressive.


Griselda thought for a moment and then said, "If you can't, I can talk to Rosiley.”


Hearing this, Benson quietly looked at her for a long time. Finally, he nodded and said in a deep voice, "Griselda, thank you.”


Griselda smiled and said, "Don't stand on ceremony with me as my husband. Besides, I sincerely treat Sachin as my own child and love him. I also hope that he will find a good wife.’


Hearing this, Benson was moved, and a faint smile appeared on his solemn and cold face. He held her hand and said in a gentle tone, "Griselda, Sachin's attitude makes it hard for you."


Back then, Benson was fascinated by Griselda’s gentleness, so he took her home regardless of everything. However, the 

price was to divorce Sachin's mother and lose the love of his two children.


But over the years, her tenderness had not diminished, and she had also paid a lot for this family, so he did not regret his impulsive decision.


Griselda still smiled gently. "I don't blame Sachin. After all, it was indeed my fault that you and his mother divorced...”


Griselda sighed with a little guilt. “If it weren't for me, he would at least have a happy family, and his personality wouldn't be so