The convenient Bride

Chapter 360: He'll Look Down on Me Even More

Emma never dreamed that she, an unknown actress, would be part of a movie. To her, this was the same as a dream.


Therefore, during the press conference, her mind was in chaos.


After returning to the lounge, she collapsed onto the sofa as if she had just finished a 100m race.


"Please, pour me a glass of water.” She raised her hand and said to her assistant as usual without checking the person in the room.


After a while, a glass of water was handed to her.


"Thank you.” She whispered and sat up. Just as she was about to drink it, she saw a smiling face.


She widened her eyes in surprise and turned around to take a closer look. She exclaimed, “Rosiley, why are you here?”


Rosiley smiled and said, "I'm here to see you.”


Emma looked at the water in her hand and smiled bashfully, “Rosiley, I'm sorry to have you pour water for me.”


"It's fine.” Rosiley looked at her warmly. "Drink the water, and then we'll talk about the movie.”


“Alright.” Emma replied and quickly drank all the water in the cup.


Rosiley smiled resignedly when she saw that Emma was so anxious, then, she took out a thick script from her bag.


She handed it to Emma and said, “This is the script for the movie. Take a good look.”


Emma glanced at her and then took it over. She lowered her head and flipped it.


"You are called here for emergency, so time would be limited and I asked the director to delay your scene as much possible to make time for you to familiarize yourself with the script.”