The convenient Bride

Chapter 358: You're Mine.

At night.


The revolving restaurant on the top floor of the Imperial Plaza was dazzling with bright lights. Melodious sounds of piano and a faint fragrance floated in the air.


Rosiley cut a small piece of steak and put it into her mouth, chewing. She looked up at Sachin, who was sitting opposite her.


The yellow light above their heads shone on his nose, making his facial features even more attractive.


Rosiley swallowed the steak and asked, “Sachin, will it be fine if we don't go back to the Lu family?”


Sachin looked up at her and pursed his lips, “It will be fine.”


Rosiley nodded and didn't continue asking. Since he said it was fine, then it should be.


Thus, she changed the topic and said, “I chose Emma as the female lead.”


"Emma?" Sachin was surprised. “An actress from Lake Entertainment Group?"


Rosiley replied, "Yes, the Emma who helped me.”


"I know.” Sachin smiled and said, “I just feel that it's unexpected that you would choose her.”


"Oh?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "You don't think I chose Emma because I knew her, do you?”


Sachin smiled and said, “I will not doubt your professional competence.”


Rosiley laughed out loud. “I'm so touched.”


The two looked at each other and smiled with affection, and their eyes were even more resplendent than the stars hanging in the sky outside the French window.


When she saw Damari, Yayoi was stunned. She did not expect him to wait for her at the entrance of the community.


“Isn't that man the one who you couldn't forget about?"


Through the windshield, Maddox's unfriendly gaze was fixed on Damari, who was standing not far away.


Couldn't forget about? Yayoi smiled awkwardly, “It's not that I can't forget about him, but that I haven't seen him for too long.”