The convenient Bride

Chapter 356: I'm Getting Out

Your wish would never be fulfilled unless I died.


With this sentence, Old Master Shen left them no room to negotiate.


Yayoi felt that Maddox's hand on her shoulder was tightened. She turned to look at him with worry in her eyes.


Maddox was looking straight at his grandfather, confronting him with no fear, "What if I say I must be with her?’


“Then get out of the Shen family!” Old Master Shen's attitude was very cruel and cold.


Maddox pursed his lips and then chuckled, “Grandpa, this is what you said. Don't regret it.”


Old Master Shen frowned and stared at him sternly. Seeing that he was wearing a spooky smile, as if he was planning something, he felt a bad premonition.


"Grandpa, I'm getting out now."


Maddox took a meaningful look at the old man, then grabbed Yayoi's hand and quickly walked out of the room.


As expected!


Old Master Shen turned around and angrily shouted at Maddox who was leaving, “Brat, as long as you take one step out, don't come back!"


Maddox ignored his words, and he strode out without looking back.


Instead, Yayoi turned to look at Old Master Shen. The grey-haired old man supported himself with a walking stick and his body was slightly bent. She could not see his expression clearly, but she knew that he must be very angry.


No grandfather would tolerate his grandson resisting him.


Seeing Old Master Shen standing there, watching them leave, Yayoi couldn't help but feel sorry for him. She suddenly stopped.


Maddox turned his head and looked at her with confusion. “What's wrong?"


Yayoi smiled. "Maddox, I said I didn't want to see you falling out with your family, otherwise I would feel guilty.”