The convenient Bride

Chapter 10: No One Can Hurt You


The next day after her fight with Seneca, Rosiley moved out.


Sachin sent Lane to pick her up. When Rosiley left, she couldn't help looking back at the house and feeling a little sad.


She had lived there for over twenty years. l† was sad to leave the house after all.


But she recovered soon enough. There was nothing worth her stay in that house.


Sachin lived in the Lennox Villa that was beautifully situated in the downtown area of the south. With the high-end facilities and high privacy, it kept out the rustle and bustle of the city. The housing price was incredibly high. But not all the rich could buy one. The people who lived here had to be both wealthy and powerful.


When Rosiley arrived, Sachin was waiting at home.


Today he wore a dark blue striped suit that featured the finest workmanship with simple patterns and a dashing tie. He looked elegant in it yet remained cold and unapproachable.


Rosiley's mind drifted off. He was drop-dead gorgeous and was definitely attractive.


“Are these all your luggage?” Sachin went to her and asked, pointing at the three suitcases behind her.


Rosiley collected herself and smiled, "Yes. Too few?”


let me know." Sachin asked the servant to take her baggage upstairs. He looked at her and frowned, "You


nodded, "No, I didn't sleep well."


at her. lt sẳeemed he knew she was upset and caressed her face, 'As


was big




you the room,' said Sachin as he took his hand


room. The room was spacious and featured low-key luxury and elegance. l† was Sachin's


room seemed to be refurbished for a woman. Besides, half of the wardrobe was


While Rosiley was looking around, Sachin poured two glasses


and blushed, "Do we share


said without hesitation


was redder, and she glanced at the king-size bed. lt was a brand-new double bed which was well decorated with petals arranged into "Happy Wedding Day", creating


would be for her only. But apparently she was


were on fire even with


"Dear, although | promised I would not do anything to you for the time being, the tempting way you look now makes


as low and melodious as


the fresh and elegant cologne. She was surrounded by

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