The convenient Bride

Chapter 347: 'Deepening' Our Understanding of Each Other

Sachin chuckled when he felt that she was surprised, “What? Do you like this type of movie?"


“Yes, I like it very much.” Rosiley nodded heavily. "I love reading suspense books since I was young. I found it especially exciting.”


"Then do you want to be in charge of revising the script of this movie?"


"Ah?" Rosiley widened her eyes in surprise and asked in disbelief, “Are you saying that I can be responsible for the revision of the script?"


Sachin smiled and said, “Yes, since you've been reading this kind of books since you were young, I believe you have your own thoughts.”


“May I?" Although TEG and REG worked together on the movie, she was also involved in modifying it, but she did not feel that she had the strength to modify a script.


“You can. I believe you.” Sachin's tone was exceptionally affirmative.


Rosiley turned around and looked at him. “Can I do it?” She asked uncertainly.


She wasn't confident.


“As long as I say yes.” Sachin pinched her nose and smiled indulgently, "I know more about your abilities than you do.”


"You know me well?"


Rosiley tilted her head and looked at him with a smile.


Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, "If I don't know you, who will know you?”


Rosiley nodded and said, “Indeed.”


“My Madam, then do we need to deepen our understanding of each other?” Sachin smiled as he looked at her, his deep black eyes seemingly surging with something.