The convenient Bride

Chapter 9: Upset

They had spent two hours in celebrating their marriage and enjoying the romantic dinner.

Since it was still early, Sachin suggested after paying the bill they should stay on the mountain and take in the night view. They could return to the downtown later.

Rosiley agreed. Although she and Sachin were only married on paper, she had to say that it was a very pleasant night for her.

Evidently, she knew him for less than 24 hours, but for some reason, she felt like he could always make her feel safe.

The night view on the mountain was very nice, with a cool breeze and a clear sky filled with stars. Rosiley went to the observatory with Sachin to appreciate the stars, then hung out at some scenic spots on the mountain.

They stayed until around 10 pm when it was getting a little cold. And Sachin suggested they leave.

The two descended the mountain. Sachin sent Rosiley directly to her home.

Rosiley got off the car and said goodbye to Sachin, "“Thank you for the lovely evening. I had a great time."

Sachin, with his hand put on the the car window casually, stared at her with his bright and soft eyes and said in a deep voice, "When are you ready to move in with me?”

"I’lI start packing tonight. lf everything goes well, | can move in in about two days." Rosiley was positive.

Sachin nodded and reached out his hand from the car, 'Give me your phone.”

Rosiley paused for a second and reluctantly handed over the phone as instructed.